Friday, May 09, 2014

GravityZeroCloth - Coming Soon Teaser

Its been a while haven't post any of my design, but finally I'm gonna show you a lil peek of my upcoming design project with GravityZeroCloth! What is it gonna be like? Surely I can't wait for it either. Its coming on June, exact time? Just wait for it. So here you go a lil peek of my artwork.

What is it gonna be like? Stay tune and follow GravityZeroCloth
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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Radikal Forze Jam 2014, 16th Anniversary Part I

Radikal Forze Jam 2014 Part I, Click on the picture below to get the large size. Thank you for visiting guys! So sorry if you didn't find your picture but don't worry your face will somehow be on the video coming soon! :D

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sonny P.O.D liked and Share

Last saturday I got a job from to take a concert photo & videos on Payable On Death live at Jakarta! The awesome moment when I post on my Instagram (@qisthyarap) and tagged on Sonny (@sonnywhoesover) the vocalist of POD on many pictures I tagged on him.

He suddenly liked one of my photos when he came down to the crowd and he repost my picture on his instagram. Here are the following picture that he liked and repost:

A picture that @sonnywhoesover liked!

And finally my photo being reposted on his IG includes my IG Account name.

This is one of my very best of all time. Thanks P.O.D for coming to Indonesia, Jakarta. Visit us once more! 

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vulture Xhock - Restless Metro E.P

Check it out my friend just release his E.P on E.D.M! So freaking awesome must hear his album!
I actually like the Warm Up (Original Remix)! Check it out!


Free Download Here :

Soundcloud :

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Jakarta Jeddah Restaurant // Official Logo

An official logo for a restaurant located somewhere at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, requested by a friend of mine at Jeddah for her family restaurant that has the Indonesian food. My client chose the second logo branding. Just can't wait until the restaurant stands and my logo stands all along the restaurant at KSA, Jeddah!

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Living Indian Temple Within Indonesia

A poster describing every single detail its interior design on Indian Temple that are built inside Indonesia.

Univesitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) - Kajian Teori Desain 2013

    Back Drop:


    Book Cover:

     Ticket:                                   Poster:  

Friday, April 19, 2013

My Biography Presenting I.C.U Project

-Imagine : The infinite way to picture what ever you wanted
-Creative : Converting into reality what your imagination pictured
-Unique : The one and only your masterpiece creation

By using your Imagination your Creativity can be Unique.

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Coming Soon - Imagination War (Webisode 5)

After a pending of the Imagination War sequel YouTube short movie being pending. Most of those keeps on asking "when will the I.W releases its action again?". So I decided to create the teaser for the 5th Webisode on YouTube. Why is it so abstract that you can't even see what's going on? The Trailer will be released in the end of April! Keep in touch guys! Don't want to be late on this I.W.

Friday, April 12, 2013

New Logo!

Finally since the search of the perfect logo that describes what I'm actually doing finally reached to the conclusion. I'd always like to look different either in designing or fashion. And making my logo into more abstract way looks more me. And the red colors shows Brave, Strong and Unique. Check this out

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